The Guild

A proud day for the VRG team! We are really pleased to announce that one of our colleagues, John McLaren-Stewart has become a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs. The Guild of Entrepreneurs is a Guild of the City of London and an aspirant Livery Company. It is made up of men and women who have invested their own money and time in setting up and running successful businesses. Its aims are to: 1. Promote […]

I am a Finance Director, not a Prophet!

I am a Finance Director, not a Prophet! Some say its the toughest job in business (although business development guys might disagree!) and it’s functions have expanded over the years. No longer straightforward bean counters, FD’s have become the central control function of a business..nothing happens without their involvement. From finance to strategy, from purchasing to fund raising, from board liaison to accounts presentation to investors, from M&A to corporate insurance protection there is an […]