about us

We have a responsibility to protect our client's businesses, and if we can't then we don't deserve to work for them.

The type of businesses we work for are special and their risk profiles are unique. They are ambitious, confident and driving forward their growth agenda. They employ amazing teams of people from the boardroom to the post room, everyone depending on each other to ensure the business survives and grows. Its our responsibility to help them understand risk and how to deal with it.

We dig deep into the business risk related to our clients trading activities both in the UK and internationally. Unless we dig deep, we cannot truly help protect them. Our service would then simply be superficial and irrelevant. We will not allow this to happen. The experience we aim to provide is responsive, positive and strong.

Achieving success is a long and constant battle but we will be right behind our clients every step of the way.


Significant experience in understanding business risk is our backbone.

That said, the world of trade and commerce continues to move on significantly. Technological advancement and an ever changing political and economic landscape bring an ever changing risk profile for business. We need to keep smart.

We know we must continue to work hard for our clients. We must maintain a razor sharp focus on their trading activities so that we can guide them through the risk minefield. We also know that we must continue to employ the smartest minds, those that question the normal and challenge conventional thinking. Our global risk technical knowledge, our range of supporting risk management services and our ability to influence insurance company underwriters must be exceptional. That way we will add true value over our competitors.

We need to give more though. Transparency is critical, honesty and trust are the underpinning strength and making real effort to introduce clients to our network of connections brings additional value.

Our clients have to take risks to grow, if we support them with passion, if we are always fighting their corner, then together we will be successful.


We operate a global business, working with some of the world’s most successful enterprises such as Telefonica, Hermes, Experian, Sainsbury’s and Bank of America. Our technology gives businesses centralised control over all communication channels, simplifying the process of engaging customers with intelligently targeted, interactive communications. As you can imagine our insurance programme is complex. Venture Risks have provided us with outstanding guidance in all aspects of our business risks from international contracts to cyber risk assessment. Their service is immediate, professional and highly knowledgeable, we really feel that they are on our side. There is no doubt in our mind about recommending them to any business considering changing its corporate insurance broker”

International Technology Risk

“We are one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing IFA’s for corporate and individual support and advice. We have used the Venture Risks team for several years now and find that they provide excellent service and very strong technical advice across a wide range of risk matters. We truly believe that as well as ” watching our back” they help us see future risks while supporting us with passion and empathy. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies.” This company operates from 16 locations across the UK

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