Update – Coronavirus outbreak – including risk management,  supply chain disruption and business winners & losers. Introduction The outbreak of New Coronary Virus 2019-nCoV, colloquially known as Coronavirus, in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei Province, prompted an unprecedented Chinese and international response to an epidemic. As Wuhan and other local cities across Hubei Province went into lock-down around the Chinese New Year period, the human cost of the virus has, regrettably, been […]

InsurTech Report 2H 2019

InsurTech Overview 2019 Increasing investment, stable M&A activity, exciting times ahead. The Hampleton Partners InsurTech Report for the 2nd half of 2019 makes for interesting reading. We attach a copy below but for more information, particularly if you are considering M&A activity in this sector, sign up for more information at www.hampletonpartners.com HampletonInsurTech2019  

CyberRisk Advisory Notice

Important CyberRisk Advisory Notice & FBI link In November 2019, a California-based security services firm suffered a ransomware attack which was identified as the Maze variant. After missing the deadline for the ransom payment, the attackers behind the Maze ransomware published almost 700MB worth of data and threatened to release more if payment was still not made. The following month, the Maze group released data from a range of companies on a ‘name and shame’ […]

Fintech – The BIG 5 Risks

Top 5 risks for FinTech businesses The FinTech industry is booming, disrupting the financial sector and attracting billions in investment globally. Over €2.7 billion was invested in European fintech in the first quarter of 2018 and in the same year US FinTechs raised $12.4 billion in funding. The UK also has over 1,600 FinTech firms which is estimated to have more than doubled by 2030. These technology-led, financial services firms are increasing transparency and efficiency, reducing costs of services […]

Do you have a ‘sideways exposure’ as a consequence of Artificial Intelligence?!

Artificial intelligence has been a mainstay of the big hitters – Amazon, Google, Netflix – for years, but how can other businesses benefit from the technology? Utter the words “artificial intelligence”, or AI, and responses might range from a shrug, a nod or even a nonchalant, “yeah, we use that”. The world has moved on from anxious predictions of a sci-fi dystopia under robot rule. Instead, we have learned that AI isn’t as scary as […]