Fintech – The BIG 5 Risks

Posted on November 21, 2019

Top 5 risks for FinTech businesses The FinTech industry is booming, disrupting the financial sector and attracting billions in investment globally. Over €2.7 billion was invested in European fintech in the first quarter of 2018 and in the same year US FinTechs raised $12.4 billion in funding. The UK also has over 1,600 FinTech firms which is estimated to have more than doubled by 2030. These technology-led, financial services firms are increasing transparency and efficiency, reducing costs of services
Artificial intelligence has been a mainstay of the big hitters – Amazon, Google, Netflix – for years, but how can other businesses benefit from the technology? Utter the words “artificial intelligence”, or AI, and responses might range from a shrug, a nod or even a nonchalant, “yeah, we use that”. The world has moved on from anxious predictions of a sci-fi dystopia under robot rule. Instead, we have learned that AI isn’t as scary as
I left Shanghai Pudong Airport last Thursday, leaving behind the energy and innovation of the Shanghai tech industry. A truly inspiring non-stop event over several days organised by the very impressive Russ Shaw & John Zei of the amazing #TechGlobalAdvocates. ( and with a big bit of help from the team at Seven Hills ( If truth be told, the quality of the attendees (I don’t include myself in that) was outstanding and we learned
Take a WWII perspective on Risk Looking at risk differently is a crucial part of business governance and protection. As business insurance brokers it is our job to help our clients first and foremost assess where the real risks are to their business. We set the Big 4 as top line areas that need protection whilst navigating the risk minefield: Balance Sheet Cash Flow Business Reputation Directors Personal Assets This is of course, easier to
Important Information Blog: Are you sure you want to be a Director?! It’s a risk. You know that before you start the business or take on a director role. Often though the actual minefield of risk isn’t clear. This succinct blog below is one of the best to the point articles we have seen. Entrepreneurs who start their own business have many different priorities keeping them up at night. How to get investment, how to