For those who don’t quite understand today’s Government Confidence Motion, please see the CBI PowerPoint attached. It is pretty informative.   CBI No Confidence Motion Process    
Urgent and Important Notice re Cyber Exposure We have been advised by specialist cyber insurer CFC that it has become aware of a significant new security vulnerability that can be easily exploited to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is commonly used to protect against phishing attacks and compromised passwords, which are two of the most common root causes of cyber claims seen by their incident response team. Even worse, they have become aware of tools
Tech East Member Interview with Chris Marsh of Venture Risks Group Can you tell us about Venture Risks and what the company does? Venture Risks is a corporate insurance broking and risk management firm based in East Anglia, but with a new Edinburgh office opening in the New Year. We work with clients from all sectors to help them understand their unique and very real business risks. These companies are typically pushing hard on a
D&O claims trends and dangerous undercurrents in the UK SME Market Directors are feeling the brunt of various D&O claims growth trends and a changing regulatory and legal environment. It is critical to understand where these increasing risk exposures are developing so that appropriate insurance and risk management strategies can be put in place to protect them. Listed below are 7 growing areas of concern: 1. Insolvency actions, a “double whammy” As the numbers of
‘There are those who wish to do us harm’ The world of cyber risk can often feel like it is something others face. You read about hacks and attacks but so far, it hasn’t happened to you. In amongst the plethora of different risks you can face is a simple but very powerful assault called a DDoS attack. This is a Distributed Denial of Access attack that seeks to cripple your ability to communicate or