One world, and Global Tech Advocates is connecting it

I left Shanghai Pudong Airport last Thursday, leaving behind the energy and innovation of the Shanghai tech industry. A truly inspiring non-stop event over several days organised by the very impressive Russ Shaw & John Zei of the amazing #TechGlobalAdvocates. ( and with a big bit of help from the team at Seven Hills ( If truth be told, the quality of the attendees (I don’t include myself in that) was outstanding and we learned […]

Don’t Ignore China for Business Opportunities

Don’t ignore China for business opportunities! Following the announcment of London Advocates/Global Tech Advocates networks opening up in Shenzen and Shanghai this snapshot overview of the China market and its influence by Ian Stewart of Deloittes was pretty timely in arriving in our Inbox. Many of our clients have developed relationships with the Chinese market, and sought out the opportunities it offers. China’s economic transformation in the last four decades is one of the great […]