You don’t need us to tell you that you work in one of the most vibrant, fast moving and competitive areas of technology. You don’t need us to remind you the pressure you have been under, the sleepless nights you have had and the time and energy you have put into your business since launching.

What you may need us for is to help you protect everything you have worked for and everything you hope to achieve going forward.

Exciting and fast paced as you are, you face innumerable risks. It only takes one to derail your cash flow, destroy your balance sheet, damage your brand and potentially hit your own personal assets. It can create doubt in your abilities by investors and spook your bankers and other stakeholders.

The good news is that we can ease that pressure significantly. Our job is to watch your back thereby allowing you to keep cracking on with innovation, development and sales. We promise, we will protect you.

The list of risk you face is astonishing. Compliance breaches, international contract risk, multi country regulation, intellectual property infringement, errors & omission, directors’ liabilities, employee risk, shareholder actions, data privacy, numerous cyber risks, sub-contractor error, loss or failure of critical equipment and more.

The problem faced by Fintech companies is that most brokers and insurance companies don’t understand the complexity of your advanced technology and software development. If they don’t understand it, they can’t give you the right advice to protect it.

We have significant experience of working with Fintech business. We know how to delve in deep, understand your particular risks exposures and arrange the right insurance protection, at the right price.

It’s not what you know, it’s what you don’t know that really matters
This takes real investigation, real discussions between your team and ours. Getting in deep, questioning everything. Just where can the legal and financial hits come from? That’s where the serious dangers are.
Mapping and Planning
Is the risk to be carried, managed or transferred? What is the potential for loss? Where are the serious exposures? What financial resource do you have to carry a financial loss?
Transferring the Risk
There is no point in spending money on insurance if it’s not going to pay out when you most need it. If you are going to buy insurance – how much do you need, what policy extensions will help, who is the best insurer to work with?