Technology, Innovation and Creativity

The world of technology, innovation and creativity is moving at an astounding pace. The global marketplace is truly an arena for all companies to connect, collaborate, trade and compete. It is an exciting environment and one in which we are heavily involved through our relationships with Global Tech Advocates, London Tech Advocates, Tech Scotland Advocates, Tech East and several incubators across the UK. We also act for dozens of well-established scale ups who really are demonstrating outstanding and inspirational growth.

It’s is fair to say our experience in the Technology, Innovation and Creative sectors is significant. From space to biotech and from software to media, we have worked with clients to create risk protection programmes that are both highly effective and cost effective.

As companies from start-ups to scale ups drive forward, the complexity of business risk expands. International contracts, IP protection or infringement, employees, R&D expenses, professional advice and corporate espionage are all very real examples.

The stupid thing is that a business exposed to these risks can quickly find itself in severe financial difficulty if it fails to protect itself against them. That involves 3 areas:

1. Understanding the risk exposures

Does the management team really understand where the risks lie. It’s not what you know that matters, it’s what you don’t know that really matters. That’s where the serious dangers are.

2. Managing the Risk exposures

Does the management team understand how to do this? Does it know Health & Safety legislation (even for a small office), does it understand the financial exposures within international contracts, does it understand the terms & conditions of cloud-based contracts and so on?

3. Transferring the risk

Buying insurance is easy. Just pop online and you will get a quick quote. Unless points 1 and 2 have been fully considered what’s the point of buying an insurance policy? At an average of 26,000 words of legal jargon how do you know a claim will be paid when you make one? There is surely no point is spending money on insurance if it won’t pay out when you most need it eh?

Right behind you, watching your back

The type of businesses we work for are special and their risk profiles are unique. They are ambitious, confident and driving forward their growth agenda. They employ amazing teams of people from the boardroom to the post room, everyone depending on each other to ensure the business survives and grows. It’s our responsibility to help them understand risk and how to deal with it.

We dig deep into the business risk related to our clients trading activities both in the UK and internationally. Unless we dig deep, we cannot truly help protect them. Our service would then simply be superficial and irrelevant. We will not allow this to happen. The experience we aim to provide is responsive, positive and strong.

Achieving success is a long and constant battle but we will be right behind our clients every step of the way.