Founded by a former reservist and parent of a British Army officer, Veteran Risks is a division of specialist corporate insurance broker Venture Risks Group.

The division has simple core concepts, to support the ex-Forces entrepreneurs and business leaders who are driving their businesses forward and use the success of the insurance service to support military charities by donating 20% of profits to them. We have signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

The growing success of this division will result ever better insurance cover being made available by supporting insurance companies, at favourable cost. We strongly believe that ex forces business leaders should be rewarded with lower premiums and more supportive policy cover.

Entrepreneurial activity and a push for business growth has its risks. Driving your business forward with hard graft, clever management and employee motivation is one thing, watching your back and protecting your assets, cash flow, business reputation and own personal liabilities are another. We provide that critical support function.

Don’t buy insurance cover if it’s not going to pay out when you most need it. Get it right and you can safely push on to grow your business with confidence


As a growth led business, risk is something you embrace. You wouldn't be where you are now if you had taken every possible step to avoid risk. Military life and training teach you to understand it. You work with it, you challenge it. This helps you be a true entrepreneur as you drive your business growth forward.

Our job is to support and guide you through your options on how to deal with it from a business perspective. We work with our clients to identify risks and bring a sense of clarity and understanding on how best to manage them. We guide you through the business risk minefield, we watch your back, we help you grow.


1. Understanding the risk exposures

Does the management team really understand where the risks lie. It’s not what you know that matters, it’s what you don’t know that really matters. That’s where the serious dangers are.

2. Managing the Risk exposures

Does the management team understand how to do this? Does it know Health & Safety legislation (even for a small office), does it understand the financial exposures within international contracts, does it understand the terms & conditions of cloud-based contracts and so on?

3. Transferring the risk

Buying insurance is easy. Just pop online and you will get a quick quote. Unless points 1 and 2 have been fully considered what’s the point of buying an insurance policy? At an average of 26,000 words of legal jargon how do you know a claim will be paid when you make one? There is surely no point is spending money on insurance if it won’t pay out when you most need it eh?

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